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Plans under way for 2010 Charlie Christian International Music Festival

Mark Temple, board president of the Liberated Arts Center (BLAC) Inc., appointed Orville Prince as chairman of the 2010 Charlie Christian International Music Festival. The festival is scheduled to be held in early June 2010.
Soul Bowl Party in the Park kicks off the beginning a serious effort to fund a memorable experience for the 25th year of the festival.
“The idea behind the Soul Bowl Party in the Park is to give the community an opportunity to come together in a fun filled evening of hearing great music and seeing new talent as they enter into a little friendly competition in a T-Shirt contest that will benefit some high school in the area,” Prince said. “At the same time, it should be fun to see folks display their pride in their alma maters.
“I think the community is ready for this event. In fact, if we are as successful as we think, we will make it an annual event,” he concluded.
Temple indicated that in an act of strengthening the organization, several new board members will be seated in October prior to Oct. 18’s Ailey II performance at Rose State Performing Arts Center.
“We expect a big year for BLAC, Inc.,” Temple said. “In fact, it is exciting to me that so many people are coming forward asking to be involved with BLAC. It is amazing to me that in 2010, BLAC, Inc. will celebrate 40 years, the festival will celebrate 25 years, and we will celebrate 15 years of being a partner in the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Partners in Education Program. There is no doubt it will be a year of celebration.”
For more information about BLAC, Inc. and its activities, call (405) 524-3800.

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