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Drummer Cindy Blackman steps into “Another Lifetime” on Feb. 23

World renowned drummer Cindy Blackman pays tribute to mentor Tony Williams in her upcoming February 23 release “Another Lifetime.”
Williams was the “spark” that dazzled the sets behind the late jazz maestro Miles Davis’ ’60s quintet. Considered one of the greatest jazz fusion drummers of all time, Williams died at age 51. Blackman, known as one of contemporary music’s most creative drummers, is a witness to Williams’ collective talents. “Another Lifetime” is a compilation of Williams’ songs from his seminal group Lifetime, which he helmed from 1969-1976. Blackman is a top-drawer jazz drummer whose resume includes a lengthy association with rocker Lenny Kravitz (1993-2004, 2005-2007).
“It’s true that this album celebrates him, but really this is only a documentation of the recording sessions that make up ‘Another Lifetime,’” said Blackman in a news release.  “Tony’s impact was so great on me that I celebrate him every day of my life. Every time I think about music, I celebrate Tony because I celebrate that level of virtuosity. I’m here to let it be known what that man created and how in his drumming he carried the entire history of all the great jazz drummers. He was an incredibly schooled drummer who set up the direction for me. When I first heard him, I knew that’s how I wanted it to go for me. I remember thinking I’ve got to get to that. Celebrating Tony is not just one day or one album, but it’s a way of living, a way of being-creative, spontaneous, thoughtful and diligent in pushing the envelope.”
Accompanying Blackman are four different teams of collaborators. The first support group comprises guitarist Mike Stern, organist Doug Carne and bassist Benny Reitvald, who appear on seven of the 11 tracks. On two tunes, there is guitarist Fionn O Lochlainn and organist Carlton Holmes; while the final track on “Another Lifetime,” “Wildlife,” features guitarist Vernon Reid, keyboardist Patrice Rushen and bassist David Santos. There’s also a guest appearance by saxophonist Joe Lovano in Blackman’s duo rendition of “Love Song,” one of the CD highlights.

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