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BareBones International Film and Music Festival continues through April 25, 2010, in Muskogee, OK

The 11th annual BareBones International Independent Film and Music Festival, is setting an historical milestone as it continues through to April 25, 2010, in Muskogee OK. The 11-day festival has welcomed its 1,000 independent film producer to Oklahoma. 
According to a news release, no other Oklahoma film festival comes close to that record.
The grassroots cultural festival, inaugurated in 1999,  has seen steady growth in attendance and quality of films despite its aversion to court major studios and celebrities. 
“We have nothing against Hollywood stars or movies, we have just chosen to focus our attention on the next generation of stars and star makers, and on helping to grow independent film makers in the state as we help to grow the industry here,” said ShIronbutterfly Ray, executive director and founder of the film festival in a news release.
While the festival is well-attended by working actors, directors, cinematographers and screenwriters from both coasts, it typically hosts film makers from all over the world who are making their first foray into moviemaking. “Some of the film makers have been in the industry for years as actors, or screenwriters, or stunt people, or cinematographers who decided they wanted to take their engagement in the industry to the next level and then others are novices or students who had an idea for a movie and decided they would make it, pretty much by any means necessary,” said Oscar Ray, festival marketing director and independent film producer. 
The festival will exhibit more than 170 films from 35 cities and 13 foreign countries, conduct workshops on acting, screenwriting and independent motion picture production while welcoming to Oklahoma and Muskogee more than 200 actors, screenwriters, directors and producers. The event is open to the public, and advanced tickets can be purchased onlineFor more information, go to
Even without courting celebrities, many have attended the festival and have shared in impromptu settings their wisdom and knowledge about the industry and moviemaking. Oklahoman Ryan Merriman (“Final Destination II,” “Lonesome Dove, “Comanche Moon”), Tonya York of York International, along with television producers, soap stars and successful screenwriters have given a nod to this one-of-a-kind film showcasing event. The festival has been twice named by Movie Maker magazine as one of the “top 20 film festivals in the U.S. to attend.”

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