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Jamie Lynn Hart releases “Anticipate”

For her fans, topping their 2012 “Let’s dance!” playlist is sure to be Jamie Lynn Hart’s latest CD.  But unlike the other pop songs on iTunes, the aptly named “Anticipate” is driven not only by catchy riffs and powerhouse vocals, but also by soul baring lyrics.

After releasing two EPs, Jamie Lynn Hart (2007) and Contract Called Love (2009), the full length “Anticipate” truly flexes Hart’s musical muscles, showing her fans what she’s really made of. 

“By opting for a full length release, I was able to open the window of who I really am so much wider,” said Hart in a news release.  “Both of my EPs are definitely expressions of who I am, but ‘Anticipate’ examines my personal and artistic growth in a more complete view.”    

The album plants its roots in Hart’s lyrical pop voice and a steady rock groove, sprouting in sounds ranging from retro-blues and pop melodies to soulful acoustic ballads while maintaining a consistent direction.  Heavily influenced by her personal experiences, her songs are relatable stories that shine brightly with an authentic light.

“It’s important that my lyrics strike a balance of originality and accessibility,” Hart said. To reach a bona fide level of storytelling, Jamie Lynn Hart collaborated with band members Kevin Eldridge, Steve Belleville, Eric Finland, and Attis Jerrell Clopton and produced the album with Zach McNees (The Gregory Brothers, Coldplay, Björk). 

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