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African Storyteller Dylan Pritchett returns to Oklahoma City

Anita Arnold, executive director of BLAC Inc., announced today that African Storyteller Dylan Pritchett will return to Oklahoma City after a long absence to do a number of educational activities with schools and with the Pauline E. Mayer Shelter.
For 20 years, Pritchett worked in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, where he trained staff to present stories as well as interpretive and musical programs to the public. Currently, he presents storytelling programs in more than 100 elementary and secondary schools each year and leads numerous workshops for teachers. Pritchett also presents programs in museums for both children and the adult public.
The Kennedy Center trainer will present storytelling programs at Highland Park School in the Mid-Del Schools District, for 7th and 8th graders at Douglass High School and children at Pauline E. Mayer Shelter. While in the city, Pritchett will conduct teacher workshop, “Storytelling: Involving Students in African Tales.”
Arnold said, “We are always excited to have Dylan come and spend time with our teachers and children. He is, especially effective with students and has the unique ability to engage children despite their circumstances. BLAC Inc. provides this service to our community through The Kennedy Center’s Partners in Education Program that BLAC Inc. brought to Oklahoma City in 1995. BLAC Inc.’s school partners are Oklahoma City Public Schools and Mid-Del Schools.”
This program is sponsored in part by Mid-Del Schools, Oklahoma Department of Education, Oklahoma Art Council, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and BLAC Inc.

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