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Family welcomes long-lost relative

British author Hannah Pool pens a prolific tale of reuniting with her birth family in Eritrea, a war-town African country. Pool was adopted from an Eritrean orphanage by a white couple. “My Fathers’ Daughter” (Simon and Schuster, $25) is profound because Pool doesn’t just share typical details, but she reveals her innermost thoughts as well as her impression of newfound relatives who sought her out. Not only was Pool brave, but she seems fearless in nature. She illustrates this by spending a few days with her family and other relatives in Asmara, but she leaves her comfort zone and returns to Keren, her birthplace and where her mother died. 

Pool feels comfortable by her audience and exposes them to every detail of her journey. After the book ended, I wanted to know more. Has she returned to visit her family? But the most we know is that she is a beauty editor for The Guardian newspaper, and she is an independent Londoner.