Darkwood Film Arts Institutes’ Kid Summer Film Camp produces movie

“Younglings,” a Darkwood Film Arts Institutes production, will be shown at Tulsa’s BareBones Script 2 Screen Film Festival and Conference in October.
“Younglings” is based on the story of five teens and pre-teens attending the school for young Jedi trainees who are saved from Anakin Skywalkers dark side demeanor and deadly light saber (“Episode III Revenge of the Sith”) by being shoved into the Allseer (a transport and time machine) by Jedi Master Daymor and sent 2.5 million light years away and 567 years into the future, landing on current day Earth in the city of Muskogee Oklahoma.
“We had a pretty diverse group of kids this summer, from ages 8-15. We wanted to teach them about loss, loyalty and change as we showed them how movies are made,” said Oscar Ray, the Institutes chief instructor and the creator of “Younglings.”
“The kids are all familiar with the ‘Star Wars’ stories. Some would be considered ‘Star Wars’ trivia experts, so we figured an original story with familiar characters would be a good teaching and training tool and a good way to get them to look at how they handle their own emotions. The story also allows us to engage them with visual and special effects.”

Descendants of Territorial Marshals to produce movie

Direct descendants of U.S. Territorial Marshals that served out of the district court of the famous Judge Parker have combined forces to produce a movie about their ancestors. Screenwriter Lyndon McGill, great-grandson of U.S. Deputy Marshal John McGill and independent film producer Oscar D. Ray Sr., great-grandson of U.S. Deputy Marshal Rufus Cannon will produce the movie “Stairway to Heaven.”
The screenplay, which follows the exploits of John McGill’s last days as a deputy marshal is based around actual events and real people and is a dramatic and action packed account of life during one of the most dangerous times and places in the old West.
The story takes place in Oklahoma and Indian territory during the late 1800s and will be shot entirely on location. Perennial cowboy favorite Sam Elliott has been offered the part of John B. McGill.
“For people back east Oklahoma and Indian Territory was the true wild west and more western gunfights occurred in the twin territories than any other place in the old West. As a matter of fact more U.S. Marshals were killed in a 50-mile radius of Muskogee OK than in any place in the nation” says ShIronbutterfly Ray, co-producer and Unit Production Manager for the film. Ray is also the executive director of the BareBones International Independent Film and Music Festivals.
The story, considered a cross between films “Tombstone” and “Unforgiven,” is scheduled to begin production in the spring 2010.
Other talent being considered for key roles in the film are Ryan Merriman,(“Lonesome Dove-Comanche Moon”) and Jane Seymour(“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”).