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Mitch’s Spotlight: GreenRoom Tickets provides online ticketing sales, event management solutions for events.

Tired of ticketing hassles with your special events? With GreenRoom Tickets, tracking your RSVPs and measuring real-time success has never been easier.

GreenRoom Tickets provides online ticketing sales and event management solutions for concerts, fundraisers and other promotions. No more wasting time with multiple vendors, data entry, credit card payment processing or making spreadsheets – we are your one-stop shop, single point of contact. GreenRoom Tickets manages the entire process for customers – from online sales platform setup to payment to check-in the night of the event.

Our point-of-sale (POS) iPad box office tools allow you to accurately track sales reports and gain valuable marketing information, all at the touch of a screen. GreenRoom Tickets handles it all, and deposits revenues straight into your account. And, ticket orders can be streamlined with social media for added promotional potential.

To learn more about how GreenRoom Tickets can help you maximize your event marketing experience, visit or call Don Jackson at (310) 779-9588 today. Our pricing is competitive and tailored to fit your needs.
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