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The ABCs of a New Year

I found this on the Community Bible Study Web site, and thought it was profound. May it richly bless you as well.

By Greg Asimakoupoulos

Ask the Lord to bless your future.
Be assured that’s His desire.
Cast your cares upon your Father.
Don’t despair.
Entertain hopes
For the new year.
Give no heed to old regrets.
Have a daily time to hear from God in prayer.
If you doubt what He is saying,
Just compare it with His Word.
Kings and prophets (even shepherds) found Him true.
Let the Bible give you courage.
Meditate on what you read.
Never under-estimate what God can do.
Own your fears, but keep on trusting.
Persevere and don’t give up.
Quit the rat race so that you can catch your breath.
Risk rejection.
Share your struggles.
Take some time for fun each day.
Understand it’s wrong to work yourself to death.
Vent your stress by exercising.
Worship weekly with God’s friends.
X out guilt that tends to steal your sense of peace.
Yesterdays have no more power thanks to what the Lord has done.
Zero in on what He offers…. life’s new lease!

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