Mitch’s Travel: World’s first inland surf lagoon park opens in Wales

Surf Snowdonia in Wales is celebrating the Aug. 1 launch of its much anticipated, world’s first Wavegarden surfing lagoon. Located in the village of Dolgarrog within the Conwy Valley of North Wales, Surf Snowdonia uses revolutionary technology to deliver the longest manmade surfable waves on the planet. Created as a mass appeal concept for guests of all ages and skills, the innovative park is one of Wales’ many world-class adventure options, as 2016 is poised to be the country’s Year of Adventure.

Following an ambitious 13-month construction schedule, the $13.3 million facility’s surf lagoon produces consistent, perfectly formed barreling waves up to 6.5 feet high peeling for up to 492 feet. The waves are generated at the push of a button, using 100 percent rainwater from Snowdonia Mountain, at a rate of one wave per minute. Up to 52 surfers can use the 984 foot lagoon simultaneously. Want to learn how to hang ten? Surf Snowdonia’s Surf Academy offers two-hour lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for ages five and up.

Other Surf Snowdonia draws include the TV-show-style obstacle course activity zone. Built on an area of water the size of two Olympic swimming pools, the Crash and Splash Lagoon is a watery assault course to push agility, balance and determination to the limits — with spectacular splashdowns expected. In addition, the activity lagoon features “The Blob.” Like a giant floating seesaw, one person sits on the huge (15 foot), partially inflated air bag in the water, before another jumps to it from a platform above catapulting their friend high into the air — and then the water.

Other on-site activities are in the works including bodyboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, surf kayaking, surf yoga, surf fitness and early morning swim sessions. Surf Snowdonia will also play host to events, competitions and surf demos, giving the public access to the world’s top surfers.

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